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BESPOKE T-shirts for Corporate Events/ Bulk Orders

If your business is in the process of organizing a corporate event, please consider the addition of bespoke 100% Organic Cotton t-shirts. Adding your company logo has many benefits for your staff and can bring a real sense of uniformity to the day. Read on to learn more about the benefits…

Going Organic

As a Triple bottom-line Brand we encourage corporates to go Organic . You may say WHY??? Because Organic cotton is grown without using toxic pesticides & fertilizers & thus a low impact on the environment. Organic production systems replenish and maintain soil fertility, reduces water consumption, and promotes balance of ecosystems. Most importatntly it protects the farmers who cannot afford to buy masks & gloves while spraying pesticides ( many fall ill & die due to conventional cotton production ) & also gives them better realizations. Make your commitment to a lower carbon footprint ….

Clearly defined teams

If you have chosen to organize your own corporate event as opposed to it being outsourced, a large part of the organization will be mixing people together who don’t normally interact during the day to day running of your business. As such, providing a bespoke t-shirt with a team name or in different colors helps to clearly define which team is which, as well as giving a sense of team spirit. Your employees are likely to be more enthusiastic as it will feel well organized, and will encourage healthy rivalry between teams.

Increase staff morale

As any employer will know, there’s more to job satisfaction than pay, holidays and health care. There are a variety of ways to increase staff morale and as a result, job satisfaction, and in this context we’re talking about investment. Investing in your staff lets them know you are interested in their development and value their involvement in the company, from junior staff members to managers.

One way to do this is to provide them with a personalized t-shirt. This can be printed with their team name or simply the company logo. It is not a high value item, but as it will be theirs to keep, it will make them feel valued and involved – particularly if your workplace does not have uniforms, as they will be a novelty.

A keepsake

If your event is a success and everybody has had fun, as well as achieved any goals you had in mind – be it team building, encouraging innovation, or simply company relations – having a t-shirt to keep will make for a nice keepsake of the day. Many corporate events will include freebies such as pens and bookmarks, but for organizing your own event, a t-shirt is a low cost, attractive, take home item which will be worn often and cherished.

Appropriate clothing

Sometimes it’s nice to keep your corporate day under wraps and your staff in the dark, and because of this – despite stipulating appropriate dress before the day – there will always be members of staff who choose something either too formal or not practical enough for the activities you have in mind. In which case, a bespoke t-shirt with your company logo is ideal! Having appropriate clothing will encourage participation and leave your employees free to fully commit to the day without worrying about any wardrobe malfunctions.

With this in mind, get in touch with us to assist you plan and design a range of 100% Organic cotton t-shirts and polo shirts available for your corporate event.

Finally you can proudly say you are giving back to mother earth by going green.