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Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Do U Speak Green? Corporate Social Responsibility Committee


As an organization that is committed to the Triple Bottom Line approach, we aim to devote equal efforts towards achieving economic, social and environmental goals. The Do U Speak Green? Corporate Social Responsibility Committee was formed to fulfil the social and environmental objectives of the organization.

Initiated by Suyash Goenka, the CSR committee has taken several steps in ensuring the livelihood of the cotton farmer, who has often been burdened with the high cost of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. He is lured by the promise of ever-higher yields that often do not materialize, resulting in economic misery and entrapment by money-lenders. Exposure to many pesticides results in various health risks to farmers, deteriorates soil quality, and their extensive use unavoidably causes tremendous damage to the surrounding eco-system.


THE Do U Speak Green? Corporate Social Responsibility Committee has undertaken a project to educate farmers about the benefits of switching to organic cotton, assisting them with the know-how to make the transition.

An example is a farm in the Brahmanwada village of Amravati, Maharashtra where we, along with members of AOFG, an NGO with expertise in organic cultivation, supported the transition from conventional to organic cotton. In order to provide supplementary income during the transition, we provided leftover fabric and cutting waste to the farmer’s family members, especially women. They, in turn, used the same to stitch bags by hand, which we bought back from them and used for our retail sales. This compensated them for the reduced income during transition (as yields temporarily fall due to absence of chemical fertilizers, but eventually rise) – the three year period until the farms are certified as organic, after which they can sell their produce as certified organic cotton for a premium. Organic cultivation also reduced the input costs, leaving more income to the organic cotton farmer.

Key People:

The members of the Do U Speak Green? Corporate Social Responsibility Committee are:

Mr.Suyash Goenka

Mr.Shishir Goenka

Mr. Ulrich Viegas